Chiropractic Testimonials

"Always great service. Front desk is professional and friendly."

- Maryann B.

"Thank you, I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I look forward to seeing you next month :)"

- Tina K.

"Thank you to Claudia and Dr. Blad for helping me with my migraine (making it go away). Thank you for the continued care I receive at New Leaf Chiropractic."

- Vanessa W.

"The new massage therapist was kind and patient, with my needs as a client. I have CRPS, nerve pain and I am very sensitive to touch. She did a great job asking questions and following requests when needed too. Thank you for your hard work."

- Paul G.

"Couldn't ask for more…"

- Daniel P.

"Great place. Simple and gets the job done!"

- Lacy M.

"Comment for Jennifer: You will be missed! Thank you for helping me alongside of Dr. Blad with my Nerve Damage Issue. All the best to you & Many Blessings on the next chapter of your life's journey. Kindest Regards, Vanessa"

- Vanessa W.

"All way a good experience, Doctor always takes the time to listen and manage my pain."

- Debra S.

"Not sure if the above questions were recorded. Annotated all 5 stars. One who suffers chronic nerve pain … after Jennifer's treatment … a marvelous experience to be pain-free for a few hours. TWO THUMBS UP! I wish I could afford to see Dr. Blad weekly. He does me so much good."

- Gary C.

"Thanks to all! Very satisfied! You are very Professional. Most of all, the treatments are very effective for me. THANKS. Looking forward to another Great Year with you and your staff."

- Larry F.

"LOVE IT! Dr. Blad is concise, knowledgeable very friendly. Always feel better after his sessions. Lacey … love sassy lassies! Jennifer … deserves 8 stars. Regretfully the effects are not long-lasting. Location convenient."

- Gary C.

"Everything was great."

- Osvaldo E.

"Y'all are the best! Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"

- Jodie B.

"Everything was great, i really enjoy my visits to New Leaf Chiropractic."

- Osvaldo E.

"My hip is totally fixed! I could walk so much better on it right away after leaving your office. Plus, I didn't even think about it all day, until about 4:00 I realized my hip did not hurt at all! Thank you Dr. Blad!"

- Rhonda J.

"Dr. SHAWN BLAD is the best.. He and his staff at NEW LEAF are always accommodating and friendly. I would recommend hid services to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment or associated services."

- Stephen W.

"The entire staff and New Leaf have been wonderful each and every time. Friendly, understanding, and compassionate! Love them!"

- April H.

"Excellent office, courteous and helpful. Dr. Blad is great."

- Osvaldo E.

"Like always, my visit was wonderful. I will continue to tell others about New Leaf Chiropractic!"

- Vanessa W.

"Another great visit!"

- Cheryl S.

"Great Job Thanks!"

-Larry F.

"Always professional and helpful."

- Patricia L.

"Excellent overall experience."

- Osvaldo E.

"Excellent service as usual."

- Thanh T.

"Everyone does a good job and doesn't have to wait for a long time he gets you in and out he does a good job and the staff is friendly and the massages are wonderful."

- Anonymous

"Very good experience, I especially enjoyed the massage, great way to relax after getting adjusted."

- Osvaldo E.

"Thanks to the entire staff!"

- Larry F.

"Great Job!"

- Larry F.

"As always, I feel better once I get my body snapped crackled, and popped back in place… Plus getting my injured leg messaged is very helpful for me to be able to walk well. Thank you all for your continued support and health care specialties that I need."

- Vanessa W.

"Dr. Blad is excellent in giving individualized care to each patient."

- Joan C.

"Dr. Blad is a great doctor and will help you in any way he can. He has helped me out a lot."

- Patricia L.

"Dr. Blad is awesome and so is the friendly staff. Keep up the good work!!! Keep being friendly and giving the clients excellent customer service – your doing great. simply love it…"

- Aurelia I.

"Excellent as always."

- Thanh T.

"Thank you for being wonderful each and every time. The consistency in great care is there at each visit. You guys are the best!"

- Jodie B.

"New Leaf is a lifesaver!"

- Amy M.

"I always tell people of Dr. Blad, Jennifer & Lacey about how professional they all are and very much into taking care of each and every individual person that walks through their doors!"

- Vanessa W.

"Excellent overall service, I felt great afterward…"

- Osvaldo E.

"Dr. Blad and his staff are the BEST. I started seeing him for chronic headaches and neck pain three years ago. Since I started my appointments, I have not experienced frequent headaches or pain! I recommend Dr. Blad to everyone I know!"

- Kristin P.

"I am very pleased with my experience at New Leaf. I was quite disappointed in the last chiropractic office I visited; I felt like I was at the other end of a telemarketing call. But New Leaf feels so much more professional and genuine. I am especially grateful to Dr. Blad. His consideration for his patients and other doctors really impressed me."

- Anonymous

"Everybody is really great!"

- Kathy A.

"This was my initial visit. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The chiropractor was knowledgeable and listened!"

- Keri O.

"I could tell a difference after the first adjustment."

- Kimberly T.

"The staff is so helpful and friendly from the first phone call to my first visit. I look forward to my visits in the future."

- Kimberly T.

"The only reason the wait was longer than usual was there was a medical emergency, broken hand or arm, that took priority that day. Usually the scheduling is superb!"

- Rebecca Y.

"Julie and Dr. Blad are great!"

- Michael W.

"I really like my visits, and the folks are very nice. I highly recommend New Leaf Chiropractic."

- Osvaldo E.

"Love the place and all the staff!"

- Amy M.

"My visits has been wonderful and I didn't have to wait long."

- Anna C.

"I feel good after I get adjusted and my massage and everyone does a good job thank you. Anna"

- Anna C.

"Everyone is always great at New Leaf…"

- Daniel P.

"Helpful, friendly, and thorough!"

- Theresa M.

"Thank you so much for working with me last week! You rescued me from a 5-day migraine with no relief from any other sources. You guys are the best!"

- Jodie B.

"Went in with neck pain and a bad headache. Within two hours of the appointment, my headache was gone and my neck was a lot better the next morning."

- Tisha M.

"New Leaf Chiropractic is great!"

- Daniel P.

"No matter when I call, they fit me in for an adjustment. I have been using chiropractic care for 45 years, before visiting an MD I schedule I Chiro appt. Sinus, ear ache etc. Dr. Blad is by far the best Chiropractor I have had adjust my body. We change to style of adjustment when necessary. He listens to my suggestions we work together to achieve an adjustment style I am most comfortable. Thanks Dr. Blad."

- Mary Lou Y.

"Jennifer s massages are to die for! Julie and Leslie are professional and so friendly and knowledgeable. I know I can call them anytime with questions. Dr Blad–I feel I can say anything to and he takes seriously every pain or concern. He ordered an MRI, got it done immediately when it would’ve taken days for an MD to do this. He is proactive and that is great in my book! HE LISTENS, finds a way to help!"

- Joye M.

"Overall excellent experience."

- Thanh T.

"Love your office and staff!"

- Dawn P.

"It's a little early for a satisfaction survey, but my first two visits were a very good indication of what I can come to expect of New Leaf Chiropractic."

- Gene M.

"I am interested in more information on preventative methods to improve my back, posture, and alignment. Overall pleased and appreciate the customer service. Thanks"

- Alicia W.

"It was my first time ever going to a Chiropractor and was a bit nervous, but it was the nicest experience i have ever had at a Dr. office. I would recommend this place to anybody that is looking for a great Chiropractor!"

- Mathew S.

"Dr. Blad is an excellent chiropractor and his staff, is always friendly and helpful."

- Lori B.

"Everyone has been wonderful, as usual! Thank you all for being so great and helpful!"

- Jodie B.

"I just love the folks at New Leaf Chiropractic, Smart, Friendly and Helpful!"

- Vanessa W.

"Everyone is fantastic!!"

- Jodie B.

"Dr. Blad and his staff are excellent! I always leave feeling better than we I arrived. My entire family enjoys seeing him for adjustments."

- Lori B.

"Just wanted to Thank Jennifer for taking care of me, when Sara was sick. Hope Sara gets to feeling better soon. Merry Christmas All."

- Vanessa W.

"You guys are fantastic!!!"

- Jodie B.

"Love this place!"

- Michael A.

"Dr. Blad and Julie really take care of you."

- Michael W.

"Keep it up!"

Jonathon B.

"Julie was so helpful. I had a late appointment without a scheduled massage, but I was in a lot of pain. Julie saide there was a massage appointment that hadn t arrived yet. She called to verify the appointment, and the person was not goin to be able to make it. Therefore, Julie got me in for a massage right away. It was very helpful and her attention to helping me was very appreciated. Great customer service!"

- Stephanie F.

"Very organized. Notifies you of when your next appointment time is–very helpful!"

- Rachel B.

"SO far so good. Like these folks and they seem to be willing to spend the time to explain and not take the approach that i gotta get to the next one . Important! Thanks."

- James W.

"We enjoyed the services we received. Friendly staff. Knowledgeable and caring. I give 5 stars!"

- Edward S.

"Pleasantly Surprised and satisfied to date! THANK YOU ALL!!!"

- Robert C.

"Excellent massage."

- Thanh T.

"Looking forward to future visits."

- Jennifer M.

"You all do a great job. Thanks for helping my body to feel better."

- Gilbert H.

"Dr. Blad and his wonderful staff are wonderful people."

- Stephen W.

"#1 chiropractor in Dallas."

- Pete Y.

"I was beyond impressed with the experience I had at New Leaf Chiropractic. Julie, Sarah, and Dr. Blaad are wonderful people, and I hope they know how appreciated they are."

- Tyler V.

"So far everything is great!!"

- Mykel P.

"Dr. Blad Has been the only one in 10yrs to make my neck and shoulders feel better. The best."

- Tom K.

"I will miss Rachel. She was definitely an asset to the office!"

- Rhonda R.

"My experience with New Leaf Chiropractic was great it was hopeful, helpful, informative, and most of all the staff was very friendly, professional, and again very helpful. I can t wait to start my treatment so that I can start healing and feeling better. Thank you Dr. Blad and Staff"

- Aurelia I.

"I was very impressed with how much time Dr. Blad took with me at my first appointment. He made me feel very comfortable about getting treated during my pregnancy."

- Angela K.

"Masssage was very good. Took the time to work on all the muscles. excellent technique."

- Thanh T.

"Dr. Blad and his office staff, are very professional. Dr. Blad listens to where you having pain and takes time to work on areas that your body has problems with. I would recommend him to any of my family or friends."

- Debra S.

"You guys are awesome!!"

- TIna M.

"So far so good."

- Thahn T.

"Five Star service from both Rachel and Dr. Blad. Thank you!"

- James S.

"Not only were Dr. Blad and all the staff great at explaining everything, but they were also so sweet even when our baby decided to fuss and cry! Thank you for caring."

- Vanessa W.

"Terrific Dr, Awesome, Friendly staff, very clean office. I would highly recommend everyone with a spine, foot, arms, neck, and/or feet to see Dr. Shawn Blad!!!"

- Anonymous

"Great care as always."

- Craig K.

"Dr. Blad is the bomb!!! My level of discomfort was immediately relieved. The adjustment process is simple, pain-free and Dr. Blad fully explains his actions prior to manipulation. The office staff is warm and friendly, the office is nice and comfortable. Top-notch chiropractic care provided."

- Stephen W.

"New Leaf Chiropractic has been a wonderful experience and I will continue to go for maintenance. Dr, Blad and all of the Staff are very personable."

- Vanessa W.

"The Staff at New Leaf Chiropractic are so friendly, welcoming, and most importantly knowledgeable. I had been experiencing headaches for months and I had almost lost hope of finding the answer. Within minutes of seeing my x-rays, we found the reason for the headaches and I can’t begin to tell you how excited it makes me to know we have a plan to get rid of them. I love this place and highly recommend it. – Emily"

- Emily C.

"This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I have been very pleased with my treatment."

- Barbara H.

"I have been searching for answers for a long time, and I finally believe I have found what I was looking for an explanation of specific health issues together with the solution. I am very enthusiastic about the care we have received and the new understanding I have of nutrition and health. I am learning more now than I ever did as a nurse, and we are making healthy changes to our lifestyle as a family, and we are all benefiting from the wisdom that has been imparted."

- Melanie F.

"Best place ever."

- Joseph R.

"It's great working with Dr. Blad. He s been very helpful in all aspects of Chiropractic and Sports Medicine care."

- James S.

"Love the continued care I receive from Dr, Blad and the Message Therapist, Sara. They are Great!"

- Vanessa W.

"Thanks for calling me and letting me come in late. Always appreciated."

- Judith S.

"I appreciate Dr. Blad s explanation as to why my neck is so sore. He said I m using muscles that had not been used and that makes sense. I m just too sore right now. I don t know how long it will be painful before it gets better with treatments and that has me a little apprehensive. Love the service and the staff."

- Elaine P.

"Everybody is super nice!"

- Michelle B.

"LOVE New Leaf!! The new way of contacting patients for appointment information is awesome!"

- Kristin P.

"Everything went great as always."

-Tina W.

"Staff is great. I have already recommended your office to a friend."

- John M.

"I always look forward to coming."

- Cindy L.

"Love to go here; very warm, supportive staff and atmosphere; Dr. Blad is a caring and professional chiropractor. Rachel is a great help. Would highly recommend this practice to others. Very satisfied with the care and treatments I receive here!"

- Mary Jane P.

"Great job with Dr. Blad. I have strongly recommended him to my friends."

- Gary C.

"I really wanted to say thanks to the ladies up front who make my visit each time a good one. Very professional, honest, and friendly makes people like me take the time to complete these surveys. Most of all I thank Shawn for the one on one help with understanding my issues and tackling them head-on. So thanks guys for your service, Todd B."

- Jeremy B.

"Thank you!"

- Cindy L.

"Best Chiropractor in Texas!"

- Vanita B.

"Dr. Blad is great. I've been coming to him for maintenance for 1-1/2 years and have had no major flare-ups."

- Rebecca A.

"Best Chiropractic office I have ever been to!"

- Vanita B.

"In the future, I would like an update on where I stand with the billing of my insurance. I have a deductible that must be met but am never quite sure where I stand in relation to meeting the deductible. Knowing that would be helpful!"

- Layne J.

"Dr. Blad and his staff are the best!! Awesome!! I love them and they are life savers and my life is better because of them"

- Teena W.


- James T.

"You are great as always."

- Teena W.

"Absolutely love Dr. Blad and his wonderful staff."

- Svaya G.


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