Dr. Blad's Recommended Supplements
in Flower Mound TX

Chiropractic Flower Mound TX supplements

Dr. Blad has supplement protocols in Flower Mound TX that are very effective and have been used successfully with hundreds of patients over the past 20 years that Dr. Blad has been in practice.

Supplement Protocols in Flower Mound TX

  • Immunity Builder
  • Immune System (when sick)
  • Disc Repair
  • Thyroid Repair
  • 21 Day Please
  • Pain & Anti-Inflammation
  • Daily Supplement Essentials
  • Sleep Easy Protocol

These protocols give specific doses, how often, and when to take them. Wellevate is an online supplement dispensary where you can access these protocols. You also have the convenience of purchasing directly through this portal if you choose.

Access to the Wellevate Store is free and by signing up you can view and order some of Dr. Blad's favorite products, however, access to Dr. Blad's protocols can only be given if you are a patient of Dr. Blad. If you are a patient and would like a custom protocol there are two ways to get it:

An office visit with Dr. Blad (10 min consultation $49)


Send an email to Dr. Blad to drblad@drblad.com with your health goals and symptoms. (complimentary)


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